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Before you apply, please make sure you have all the required information for the application process. You have ten (10) days to submit an application once you create a new application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


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SD8 Kootenay Lake's International Program accepts students on a flexible schedule.  


Starting dates for students: September 1st and February 1st for high school registrations and September 1 and January 1 for middle and elementary school registrations.  


LVR school accepts only one semester registrations or longer.  Applications for LVR must be received by the International Program's office on or before April 1 (for the September start date) and November 15 (for the February start date). 


In order for a K-12 student to be eligible for a provincially funded education in British Columbia (BC), the student and his or her biological parent(s) must meet specific criteria. These criteria are determined by the BC's Ministry of Education and not by individual school districts. For more information you can review the BC Ministry of Education Eligibility of Students for Operating Grant Funding site.



Before you begin, please review the Online Application Instructions.

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