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Welcome to the Coquitlam School District's International Education Secure Online Application site.


Application Types

This application site contains two applications:

  1. International Student Online Application (Fee-Paying Students). This application is for students who are paying fees to the Coquitlam School District.
  2. Parent Work Permit/Study Permit. This application is for students whose parents are currently in Canada on a work permit or study permit that is more than one year long.

Please be sure to select the correct application type as the required documents are very different. If you are not sure which application type is best for you, please contact our office at by phone at 604-936-5769 or by email at


General Instructions

Please read the Terms of Agreement and/or Parent Declaration carefully.  By completing the online application, the Parent(s), and the Student are acknowledging and giving consent that the International Student Online Application creates a legally binding agreement for the participation in the Coquitlam School District's International Education Program.


Before you apply online, please make sure that you have all of your information and required documents readily available. You must have the capability to scan and upload in a PDF or JPG format with a file size limit of 5 megabytes per document. Applications cannot be processed until all required documents and information is provided.


Required Documents

International Student Online Application (Fee-Paying Students):


Parent Work Permit/Study Permit:


Thank you for your interest in the Coquitlam School District International Education Program!


The Coquitlam School District

International Education




Phone:  604.936.5769


Before you begin, please review the Online Application Instructions.

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