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Frequently Asked Questions About WRIE's Online Application


When can I submit my application for September and February start date?
We accept homestay applications all year round.
What is the deadline to apply for September and February intake?
What information is required to apply?
  1. Legal Agreement - Before starting the application process, please download White Rock International Education's Legal Agreement here: Legal Agreement. Both the parent AND the student applicant must sign and date our
    Legal Agreement where indicated and scanned as a PDF file only. All seven (7) pages of the initialed and signed legal agreement must be uploaded for the application to be processed. 
  2. Student Applicant Information - Please ensure to provide ALL of the student's information, ALL of the parent(s) information including the complete home address, contact numbers, email address and birth dates as this information is required to complete and notarize the Custodian Document.
  3. Student Photo - Please upload a current photo of the student applicant. This copy must be in PDF or JPEG files only, and less than 5MB in size. You will only able to upload one document, so please ensure to have only scanned a single document.
  4. Student Passport - Please upload the students's passport photo page. This copy must be in PDF or JPEG files only


When are all of the fees due?

The initial deposit is due within one week of receiving our invoice. The remaining balance is due in full by July 1 for the September intake and December 1 for the February intake. Please note that services will only commence once the initial deposit has been paid. Due dates are for new applicants only.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept bank wire transfers. We are in the process up updating our payment system to also be able to accept credit cards and e-transfers. We will update this page once the process has been completed.


How will I know if my application has been received?
Click this link to log in to your online account and select 'View Applications' to see the current status of all your applications.


When will I receive the Custodian Document?

We will fill out Pages 1 and 2 of the custodian document upon receipt of the student's application. Page 1 will be signed and notarized here in Canada by one of our staff members and then sent back to the Agent and the school district office. Page 2 will need to be signed and notarized by the student's parent(s), then scanned and sent back to both the school district office and our office.


When will I receive the Host Family's profile?

The host family's profile will be sent well in advance of the student's arrival. Some placements may take longer depending on the student's requirements. We suggest submitting the application as early as possible to avoid any delays.


For further assistance, please reach out to us at or call our office at 1-604-535-7970.


Before you begin, please review the Application Instructions.

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