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PLEASE NOTE: Should a quarantine be required for September 2021, students will be expected to pay an additional cost. Please do not proceed with an application if your student is not prepared to pay an additional fee for quarantine. 


The application portal will close on March 26, 2021. We are full for students with special dietary requirements/pet allergies. Please do not proceed if your student has either dietary requirements or pet allergies.



Before you apply, please make sure you have all the required information for the application process. You have fourteen (14) days to submit an application once you create a new application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Seats in Nova Scotia International Student Program are limited. Application deadline is March 15 for September start and November 30 for February start. Please note - these dates are flexible and can change based on availability. Please ensure families receive the most up-to-date Participation Terms found at the end of the online application or download Participation Terms here to send to students prior to start of an application.



Before you begin, please review the Application Instructions.

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