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Before you begin


Before you begin the online application process, please make sure you have collected all the necessary information and documents required to complete the application.   You will need the applicant’s and parent(s) complete information. This includes names, birthdates, addresses, etc. Required and recommended documents (see below) must be submitted as PDF or JPEG files. If any document is larger than 5MB, it has been scanned at too high a resolution and must be rescanned at a lower resolution before beginning the application process.


Required documents


In order to submit an application, the four documents listed below are required. If you do not upload these documents into the online application system, you cannot complete the application process. If you do not submit a complete application within thirty (30) days, the partial application will be automatically deleted.


  1. Student Participation Agreement 
  2. Student Media Release and Photographs - Consent Form
  3. Acceptable Technology Use Agreement 
  4. Student Transcript/Recommendation Letters


Application Forms and school records will be reviewed within five days.  A preliminary letter of acceptance and an invoice will be issued to successful applicants.  


An official letter of acceptance, custodianship letter and receipt will be issued within ten days of receiving the payment. 


Before you begin, please review the Application Instructions.

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