Application Instructions - Kootenay Lake School District

Requirements of Homestay Parents


Thank you for your interest in becoming a homestay parent with the Kootenay Lake School District.  Our homestay families are the heros of this program and we would really like to have you become a part of our homestay team.  The homestay program is an intercultural skill building experience of the highest order as cultures and caring are shared and relationships built.  We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure a positive homestay experience for each visiting student and for each local homestay.


To this end, we require, during the application process, that:



Homestay settings must offer students:



Homestay parents must offer students:



Before you begin:

We recommend that you collect the following pictures prior to applying. They must be submitted as single documents in PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5 MB each.


Required pictures


Additional pictures if applicable:


If you have pets, please include a picture of the pet in the family photo and if you have room for a second student, include a picture of the 2nd student’s room.