Application Instructions - York Catholic District School Board

Thank you for your interest in the York Catholic District School Board’s International Education Program!


The York Catholic District School Board is comprised of both Elementary and Secondary schools:

Elementary-age international students are placed in their age appropriate grade, according to Ministry of Education of Ontario guidelines.  Secondary student timetables are developed based on Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements, taking into account previous credit achievements and assessment results.


Applicants must select three schools, in order of preference. Every effort will be made to place the student at the school of first choice, however due to space limitations in some schools, this may not be possible. Please refer to YCDSB schools for a listing of all elementary schools. Please note that St. Justin Martyr Catholic Elementary School and Pope Francis Catholic Elementary School are currently over capacity and thus not accepting new applications.  Applications submitted selecting either of these two schools will be returned with a request to replace that choice of school with another, available elementary school.  For secondary school placement, students must apply to attend one of our 6 ESL (English as a Second Language) Centre Schools:


* We offer two intake periods to international students:  September (semester #1) and February (semester #2).  St. Robert CHS accepts International Student applications the September intake cycle only.


To locate a school boundary relative to a residential address, visit: School Locator.


York Catholic District School Board provides English as a Second Language/English Literacy Development (ESL/ELD) Programs to assist English language learners from diverse linguistic and educational backgrounds in attaining English language proficiency. These programs help to maximize student learning, participation and integration. All YCDSB schools follow the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines and ESL support is offered in a consistently supportive manner in our Elementary schools and the six (6) ESL/ELD Centre Secondary schools.


Before you begin the online application process:


Students wishing to attend a YCDSB school for a period of between 2 weeks and 4 months (a ‘Short term stay’) must  request a Short-Term Stay Request Form from, and submit the completed form to the attention of ( (Iolanda Faraone, Principal, International Education & Continuing Education Programs) for approval.


The York Catholic District School Board will only accept complete applications using our Secure online application system.  Applications may be submitted by: (a) an authorized Recruitment Service Provider (i.e. has a current Recruitment Service Provider agreement in place with YCDSB), or (b) a parent.  Mailed, emailed, or faxed applications are no longer accepted.


Payment is required in full (application fee, tuition & health insurance premium) at the time of submission of the online application, via:

Incomplete applications or applications submitted without full payment will not be processed (additional information provided further in the document).




2023-2024 FEE SCHEDULE




SHORT TERM STAY (Minimum 2-week  duration)

Tuition: Elementary (JK-Grade 8)

 September -> June OR

 February -> January:  CAD $16,000.00

2-week rate: CAD $1,000

Monthly rate: CAD $2,000

Additional weeks - CDN $500 per week

Tuition: Secondary (Grade 9-12)

(Student must be 18 years old or under)

 September -> June OR

 February -> January:  CAD $16,700.00


1 semester only:

 September -> January OR February -> June:  CAD   $ 8,350.00

Application Fee

 CDN $300.00 (non-refundable) NEW  Application

 CDN $100.00 (non-refundable) RENEWAL Application

CDN $300.00


Health Insurance Premium

$475 for 12 months of coverage

(Refer to the Health Insurance section below)

$1.50 per day of coverage




All international student applications must be processed through our SECURE ONLINE APPLICATION system.

School Start

Applications Accepted as of:

Application Submission Deadline

Processing Time


February 1

June 15 *

Approximate processing/response time is 10 to 15 business days


(Term #2 – Elementary, Semester #2 – Secondary)

October 1

November 15 *


Approximate processing/response time is 10 to 15 business days


Short term stay


Applications for short term stays must be submitted a minimum of two months prior to the requested start date.  Short term stays must be coordinated with Iolanda Faraone (, Principal, International Education Program, in advance of submission of an application.  When logging into the online application portal, select the ‘Short Term Stay’ application.


* Or next business day if deadline falls on a weekend or holiday.


NOTE: It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient time to apply for a Study Permit with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (‘IRCC’). Please refer to IRCC website for study permit application information.  Study Permits are required for students enrolling for a full semester or full year. 


Applications are reviewed and approved by the International Education Program Principal and are subject to space availability. Once applications are approved and the student has completed their assessment, the student may then register at the school. Instructions for school registration will be provided upon issuance of a Letter of Acceptance.



Health Insurance, purchased from the Board's approved health insurance provider - StudyInsured - is mandatory for all International Students registered at a YCDSB School, for the duration of enrolment at the school.  For more information, please visit NOTE: Health insurance is only valid while the student physically resides in Ontario. If an international student withdraws from a YCDSB school for any reason, the health insurance policy is cancelled with the insurance provider as of the date of withdrawal and coverage is not available as of that date. In such a case, the student’s Custodian or Agent must request a refund during the academic year of withdrawal for the unutilized portion of the paid insurance premium. The value of the premium eligible for refund, if any, will be determined by StudyInsured, the insurance provider.


Before you begin the online application process, please make sure you have collected all the necessary information and documents. You will need the applicant’s complete information and at least one parent’s complete information. This includes names, birthdates, addresses, etc.  Required documents (see below) must be submitted as PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each. If any document is larger than 5MB, it has been scanned at too high a resolution and must be rescanned at a lower resolution before beginning the application process.


The application fee is $300 CAD and is nonrefundable.




In order to submit an application, the documents listed below are required. All documentation submitted must be original and officially certified and translated into English. Custodianship documents must indicate YCDSB or a YCDSB School. If you do not upload these documents into the online application system, you cannot complete the application process. If you do not submit a complete application within fifteen (15) days, the partial application will be automatically deleted.


  1. Passport photo page - Please scan the photo page of the applicant’s passport. This is required for validation of applicant information.
  2. Student success agreement - The student and a parent must sign the document: Student Success Agreement. Before starting the application process, please download the Agreement, have it signed in ink, and scanned as a PDF or JPEG file only.
  3. Custodian Declaration - Parent/Guardian for Minors Studying in Canada*: The appointed custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, aged 19 years or older.  This form must be notarized in person with a lawyer or notary public.
  4. Custodian Declaration - Custodian for Minors Studying in Canada*: The appointed custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, aged 19 years or older.  This form must be notarized in person by a lawyer or notary public.
  5. Transcripts or report cards - You must have a record of grades for the last two years plus the current year, translated into English, they must be in PDF or JPEG files only, and less than 5MB in size. You will only be able to upload one document, so please ensure all pages of the records of grades are scanned as a single document. Minimum Academic Average Required to be considered for acceptance: 70% or equivalent & no failures - per academic year.
  6. Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (for Elementary school applicants):


We recommend that you collect the above documents prior to applying.



Students not residing with a parent while attending a YCDSB school must arrange homestay and custodianship with one of the two approved providers - Canada Homestay Network (CHN) or Muskoka Language International (MLI) below. All students, regardless of their age, must have a custodian for as long as they are enrolled at a YCDSB school.


Please visit their websites and arrange homestay & custodianship services directly with CHN or MLI, prior to submitting an application to us:

 The only exception to the homestay and custodianship requirement is for students residing with a parent or other immediate family member (immediate family member must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident), specifically:

* Grandparent

* Aunt (sister of student's mother/father)

* Uncle (brother of student's mother/father)

* Sibling (of student) - over the age of 19

* First Cousin - over the age of 19


The family relationship must be supported by evidence of the relation.


Homestay & Custodianship services must be arranged (application submitted and deposit paid) prior to submitting an online application to YCDSB. Notarized Custodianship Declarations must be uploaded within this application (see Section 7 for required documents) from both parties: (1) Parent(s) and (2) Custodian in order for your application to be deemed complete and eligible for review.


If a new custodian is appointed at any time while the student is registered in a YCDSB School, a new set of signed Custodianship documents (Parent & Custodian forms) must be submitted to the Admissions Office immediately. A Custodianship change (arranged with CHN or MLI) will only be accepted at the school and Board office when both new Custodianship forms have been received by the Admissions Office for approval.


Students living with a parent while studying with YCDSB must upload a signed 'Waiver of Custodianship & Homestay Designation - Residing with Parent'. Please request a Waiver from The form must be printed, completed and signed by a parent and uploaded using the Residing with Parent Waiver Upload field within Section 6.


Students residing with and under the custodianship of an immediate family member that is not a parent while attending a YCDSB school must provide a 'Waiver of Custodianship & Homestay Designation - Residing with Family Member' form. Please request a Waiver via The form must be printed, completed and signed by a parent and uploaded in Section 6.




PAYMENT OF FEES (For Application, Tuition and Insurance):

Fees must be paid in Canadian dollars, in one of the following manners:

 From within Canada - pay by bank draft/certified cheque/money order payable to ‘York Catholic District School Board’:



  1.  The Admissions Office will process the student application upon submission of an online application, and receipt of all required documents and full payment.
  2. Upon approval of the application, the Admissions Office will issue a “Letter of Acceptance” required by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada for the student to apply for a study permit. To apply for a study permit, you may refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at:
  3. Secondary school students only – upon issuance of a Letter of Acceptance, supplementary documents are also issued: (a) Registration Checklist for Secondary International Students, () Registration Form (form S.1A), and (c) Student Interest Form:
    1. Among the steps listed on the Registration Checklist is a required preliminary online English proficiency test, to be taken immediately following issuance of a Letter of Acceptance. This preliminary test must be taken promptly, to enable the assignment of a student’s courses on a timely basis
    2. The Student Interest Form must be completed and submitted to the school following the instructions on the form.
    3. Upon arrival in Canada, the student or Custodian shall contact the school to arrange for an appointment to register their student. The Custodian should assist the student in completing the S.1A Registration form, and accompany the student to the registration appointment at the school, ensuring that all required documentation is provided, as advised by the school.  In addition, the Letter of Acceptance must be presented at the registration appointment.

Please note that school uniforms are mandatory at all YCDSB Secondary schools (refer to the school’s website for specific school uniform requirements).


D.  Elementary school students only: A registration form (form S.1) will be provided at the time of issuance of a Letter of Acceptance.  Upon receipt of the student’s study permit and once travel arrangements have been finalized, the Custodian shall contact the school to arrange for an appointment to register their student.  All required registration documents as well as a copy of the Letter of Acceptance and study permit must be submitted to the school to facilitate the registration process. Proficiency Assessments take place at Elementary schools, following the first day of school.


All Elementary schools can be found on the YCDSB website




Transportation: Transportation may be available for an international student depending on their homestay address and the school that they will be attending.  Please check with Student Transportation Services on transportation eligibility @ 1-877-330-3001.


Immunization Requirements: Please refer to the Immunization Requirements notice:


Labour Dispute Interruption: YCDSB shall not be held responsible for losses or expenses incurred as a result of the Board being unable to provide education owing to labour disputes or other causes beyond its control.


For further information or assistance, please contact the Admissions Office:


York Catholic District School Board

320 Bloomington Road West

Aurora, ON L4G 0M1

 (416) 221-5050 or (905) 713-2711 Ext. 12434