Application Instructions - Prince Edward Island

Students from outside Canada who want to attend school in Prince Edward Island as a fee paying student must apply to the PEI International Student Program before the application deadline in order for their application to be processed for the upcoming school year. 


Before you begin


The PEIISP will only accept complete applications using our secure online application system. Mailed, emailed, or faxed applications are no longer accepted. Incomplete or unpaid applications will not be processed.


Before you begin the online application process, please make sure you have collected all the necessary information and documents. You will need the applicant’s complete information and at least one parent’s complete information. This includes names, birthdates, addresses, etc. Required and recommended documents (see below) must be submitted as PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each. If any document is larger than 5MB, it has been scanned at too high a resolution and must be rescanned at a lower resolution before beginning the application process.


The application fee is $275 CAD and is nonrefundable. Please have a major credit card ready for the final page of the online application system.


Required documents


In order to submit an application, the documents listed below are required. If you do not upload these documents into the online application system, you cannot complete the application process. If you do not submit a complete application within twenty (20) days, the partial application will be automatically deleted. All forms are available to download in Section 2 of the Application process.


  1. Participation Terms and General Release/Waiver - The parent(s) of the applicant must sign our Participation Terms and General Release/Waiver. Before starting the application, download the Participation Terms and General Release/Waiver, have it signed in ink, and scanned as a PDF or JPEG file only.  
  2. Physician Statement of Health. You must have this completed by a physician and stamped by the Physician's Office or Hospital
  3. Transcripts or report cards. You must have a record of grades for the last two years, translated into English, they must be in PDF or JPEG files only, and less than 5MB in size. You will only be able to upload one document, so please ensure all pages of the records of grades are scanned as a single document.
  4. Referral Form completed in English by a teacher, counselor or principal. 
  5. Motivation to Participate completed in English by the the student.
  6. Passport photo page. Please scan the passport photo page of the applicant’s passport, if they have a passport already. This allows us to double-check the applicant’s information to ensure that all correspondence is correct.

As soon as the following are available, if applicable, please upload in True North or forward to the PEIISP office:

  1. Custodian document
    • The custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, over 25 years old, and must live full time in Prince Edward Island
  2. Study Permit
  3. Updated transcript if different from what was available at the time of application
  4. Confirmation of PEI address


Recommended documents


We recommend that you collect the following documents prior to applying. These documents assist us in making an admission decision should we require additional information. They must be submitted as single documents in PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each.


  1. Immunization records. Please scan as a single document all immunization records relevant to the students medical history. If this letter is longer than one page, make sure you scan all pages as a single document.
  2. It is also recommended that students applying for Grades 10-12 submit an IELTS Test Report Form or other language assessment form.