Application Instructions - Epsom Girls Grammar School

Before you begin


Epsom Girls Grammar School will only accept complete applications using our secure online application system. Mailed, emailed, or faxed applications are no longer accepted. Incomplete  applications will not be processed.


Before you begin the online application process, please make sure you have collected all the necessary information and documents. You will need both the applicant’s complete information and parent’s complete information. This includes names, birthdates, addresses, etc. Required and recommended documents (see below) must be submitted as PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each. If any document is larger than 5MB, it has been scanned at too high a resolution and must be rescanned at a lower resolution before beginning the application process.


Please visit for further information about English Language requirements and the Application Process 



Required documents


In order to submit an application, the documents listed below are required. If you do not upload these documents into the online application system, you cannot complete the application process. If you do not submit a complete application within 30 days, the partial application will be automatically deleted.

  1. Photocopy of student’s passport
  2. Photocopy of latest school report – translated into English
  3. 2x Letter of recommendation from a trusted referee who is not related (e.g. Head of Department, coach, religious leader). This must be written on letterhead or with a school/organisation stamp and be signed.
  4. Handwritten statement from the student to tell us about herself. The student MUST write under supervision and without external help such as phone, computer or ditionary. Topics to cover should be:
    • Why she wants to study in NZ
    • Why she wants to study at EGGS
    • What hobbies and activities she enjoys
    • What she currently studies at school
    • What she wishes to do in the future at university or for a career
    • What she enjoys doing with her family/friends
    • If she plays any sport or musical instruments
  5. Evidence of parent’s signature which is usually completed in the form of the signature in the passport. Other types could be on a driver’s license or witness by a notary public
  6. Copy of student’s birth certificate
  7. A photo of the student - ID/Passport style
  8. Signed enrolment documents and contracts


Recommended documents


We recommend that you collect the following documents prior to applying. These documents assist us in making an admission decision should we require additional information. They must be submitted as single documents in PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each.

  1. Vaccination records -If no vaccination record is uploaded, student will be treated as if they are unvaccinated. This may mean having to self-isolate in the event of an outbreak. 
  2. Photos of the student with family and/or friends. 
  3. Other documents. If you have another document pertinent to admission, such as a student interview form, please submit it as a single document.