Application Instructions - English Montreal School Board

Prepare Documents - Getting Ready to Apply


P.S. All documents must be submitted in PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB in size for each document

Before you begin the online application for your student, you must have the following documents ready:

  1. Student’s original birth certificate including the names of both parents
  2. A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate (translated in English or French)
  3. The student’s most recent report card (translated in English and French)
  4. Choose a school with the interest of the student in mind

(first, second and third choice)

  1. Current photos of the student, guardian, custodian.
  2. All the necessary information (home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
  1. The agent, parent(s) and student must read the Outlines of the EMSB International Youth Student Program and Admission Fees.
  2. Download and print the Legal International Student Agreement.

(Both the parent(s)/guardian and the student must read and sign the Legal International Student Agreement in blue pen)

These documents are strongly recommended

  1. A letter of recommendation.

Please have a teacher, school counselor, or Headmaster/Principal write a letter of recommendation for the applicant. This letter should be on school letterhead and identify the student and their strong points. If this letter is longer than one page, make sure to scan all pages as a single document.


  1. A student’s letter of intent

This letter is written by the student explaining their desire to come to Montreal and study at the English Montreal School Board. It should outline their past studies, their interests and hobbies, and their future goals.


  1. The student’s Immunization Records.

Please scan as a single document all immunization records relevant to the student's medical history. If this letter is longer than one page, make sure you scan all pages as a single document. (see Covid-19 restrictions on the following web site)


  1. TOEFL Test Results

If the applicant has done a TOEFL test within the last 12 months in their home country, please provide the results.